Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cambodia Photos

Carrie and me on our slatted swing bench in Kep, Cambodia.

Dinner in Angkor Wat. Yum.

I don't think I ever loaded my car to maximum capacity. I thought I did. I didn't. This car we passed on the dirt road on our way to Siam Reap. Carrie was sleeping next to me.

Angkor Wat at 5:30AM... when everyone else was waiting outside for their sunrise photos, we were the only ones inside except for a monk and a little boy. It was like the temple of doom...

Sunrise at Angkor Wat.

Market in Siam Reap... love the ladies sitting on the tables. That was the first time I've seen that.

S-21 Toul Sleng Genocide Museum--a harrowing museum, unlike any I've experienced.
It's where 20,000 Cambodians passed through between 1975-1979 with only seven survivors. Part of the Khmer Rouge cleansing of educated Cambodians and foreigners in attempt to create a worker-peasant Cambodia, this museum was left largely intact as an exhibit of the worst side of human nature. As we walked through, there were wooden doors banging in the wind, blood stains on the floor, and beds and torture instruments on display. It had been a school, converted to a prison.

View from one of the cells in the prison.

Hotel le Royale, where refugees hid out for a while before moving to the French Embassy.

View from Mark's balcony.

Mystery baked goods. Posers.

Happy Endings.

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