Thursday, January 1, 2009


It began with a running start, literally.

I woke up disoriented and looked at my watch. 8:23. Where was I supposed be? I wanted to keep sleeping. Didn't I set an alarm? I did- it was for 5:45, to catch the first bus to Taroko Gorge. But I slept through that alarm. I considered my options: sleep or get up.

I jumped (well, not really) out of bed. Luckily, I was pre-dressed for the day. I grabbed my old black backpack and sped away. I was out the door by 8:25, running (as fast as I could half-awake) all the way to the bus station. I boarded the bus at 8:40 and rode to the national park.

After that it was a walk in the park, literally, again(yes, this is just too much for me, too)! I walked from Tiansiang (a little town in the park) to the park entrance, taking in a few side sights and trails on my way. It was over 12 miles. I am now a little tired. Bed is tempting, but it's only 7:13- too early even for an old-moldy like me.

I met a nice girl, Sasha (from Taipei) on the bus ride home, who told me all sorts of good bits of information, including entertainment options for tonight. So I'm off to the continuation of the 2009 celebration at a local winery.

Cheers to you all! Happy New Year.

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