Saturday, January 10, 2009

Carrie's here!

Recycled Christmas decor in Bangkok (it's coke cans). They also had one made out of old CDs.

Bangkok Art and Culture Center (new) in Siam Center area is Bangkok's attempt at art and culture, though at the moment only the 7th and 8th floors contain any exhibits.

The fertility park where I put down an offering of one baht each for Shanta, Carrie and me. (It was all I had on me in coins.)

Standing buddha. Carrie and I only got scammed about sixty-eight times on our way there. Uggh. He looks more calm than we were.

Here she is, Miss America! :) Well she could be, if she wanted to. This is inside the Chatuchak Weekend Market, which was a little bit overstimulating for both of us (about 10,000 vendors total selling everything imaginable). Even the coffee rest couldn't remedy the situation.


Anonymous said...

I know that look...that is the look if "I wonder if this place has nachos..." :) Enjoy yourselves ladies! ~ Dave

Anonymous said...

thank you for the offerring for fertility!!! - your pictures are wonderful :) - Shanta