Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Working, sort of.

I've made it through a few days at the University. They are pretty laid back. It'll be interesting to see how it goes when the students start coming back in full force. (Not until Monday.) The University of Auckland has 37,000 students and 3 campuses in Auckland. The optometry program has only about 200 total students. They call it a "boutique program" for good reason.

Optometry has only gotten therapeutics here in the last 3 years, and ophthalmology was actually instrumental in this- they have been helping to forward the career. For you ODs, they use chloremphenical here for eye infections. The horrors!

I have one more night of living in the hotel, then to my little "granny flat" in Parnell. I'm looking forward to really unpacking and hopefully a firmer bed. Though I am pretty content just having a good newspaper to read every day. The New Zealand Herald covers everything- no worries about me forgetting the USA.

Good day to all!

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Anonymous said...

well - I'm glad the laid back pace of life is appealing to you! and i'm glad you have a good paper to keep you up to date. :) are you having to create your own lesson plans or are they pretty established? what exactly will you be teaching the students come Monday? love, shanta