Sunday, January 13, 2008

Still no pics.

I have to get my little mac hooked up to broadband. As long as I am living in a hotel, it's not possible. So patience, my friends.

I have taken photos, per your requests, but they are trapped in iphoto for now. Check back this weekend! Cross your fingers.

In other news, it was another perfect day in Kiwiland. Sunshine, 25. Celsius, that is. I have a ID badge for the University. Sigh. :)


Psycho B driver said...

Well, hey, I finally figured out how this blog thing works a little bit. Of course I too am looking forward to seeing your pictures and to your being in your new home. That will be nice.
Not too much new here in ND - nice today but the cold is coming. I get the 25C, I know when it is 20 C it is very nice and 37C is very warm.

I am so anxious to hear about your university experiences - should be fun.

sara said...

Who's psycho B?