Thursday, January 10, 2008


Hey, give me a few more days! I haven't had any time to lollygag around with my camera photodocumenting my new home. Just wait til this weekend.

Every day I've walked approximately 600 miles, in search of housing, phones, etc. I've rolled into my hotel after 10pm looking like I need a wheelchair assist. Maybe Grandma could loan me her motorized cart?

Today I secured a little mother-in-law studio in a nice neighborhood called Parnell. My new commute to work will consist of a 30 minute walk through the "Auckland Domain," a giant park or I can take the bus for $1.60. But I plan to walk. I kept going back and forth between roomates and living alone. This is sort of in the middle. It's all furnished. There is a nice fold out futon for guests. And a nice bathroom. Sort of reminds me of Molly's place at the Welleman's... only it's upstairs (above the garage).

They have a funny rental scheme here- you pay per week and only have to give 3 wks notice. So if it does not work out, it's ok. They are a nice family though- she's Canadian and has lived all over - several kids and a dog that I can borrow for walks if I like (he's not quite Oatie, but he's friendly). They have a fat happy outdoor cat too. I think it will be a good mix of living alone and not.

Yesterday I met my department at the University- they were all nice, laid back and professional. The other new person in my spot is a girl named Ursula from the UK. She's pretty cool.

My brain is mushy now. But I will get pics on the next post, I swear!

Oh one thing interesting: no one has asked me for money. I haven't seen a homeless person. I wonder if they have any?


molly rose said...

Oh I can't wait to come and see it. It sounds like a nice living situation. I liked having a host kind of sounds like that. Is it? I printed your first blog and gave it to Grandma. She was excited:)

verdle said...

If you have spare money and noone has asked you for it would you like to send us some so we could visit you.
love, auntie D and JR

molly rose said...

Hey, so I'm guessing your picture is in Fairfield. Do I get a stuffed kiwi bird?