Saturday, January 19, 2008

New Digs

Here's a few pics of my neighborhood. Actually all I have is the Farmer's Market across the street and the cathedral on the corner by my house- where they will be holding the services for Sir Edmund Hillary on Tuesday. I noticed as I was leaving today that my house is on the historic register list. If you'd like to read the history on my house, here it is: Takutai
I'll have to add pics later. Currently my room is in a state of disrepair! (MESS!)

I'm off to the ocean with Ursula and Nick in a few minutes (they are the couple from the UK- she's an optometrist with me.)

Yesterday (Saturday), I went to some live scandinavian folk music with my friend Dave at one of Auckland's historic houses. It was beautiful location, lovely house, and they had free chips. I talked to the guy, Randall, at the door and later when I got home and told Kate (my landlady) where we'd gone, she said, "Randall is our neighbor- we're on the historic committee together!" Strange small world. Here's a link to Alberton house if you'd like to see a pic:


Last night after I got home, Kate and Tom invited me in for "chips and salad" since they were having sausages. It was the me and the whole crew almost- Mac (16), Hammish (13?), Rachael and Rebecca (5) and the dog, Scooter (always a child at heart). Only Katharine was missing. Afterward, we watched an English murder mystery (Midsomer Murders) midsomermurders - not quite like American TV. By the end, there's about 4-6 dead people.

Then I rolled into bed.

Friday night, I was over at Michelle's (the PhD student from Canada). She made dinner for friends. Every time I go out here, it's like the United Nations- there was someone from South Africa, Sacramento, Jamaica, Canada and me. Great conversation. The only negative was I took a cab home and the cabbie tried to pick me up. Luckily, I'd been smart enough to have him drop me off a block from my house. Yuck. Buses are better.


Anonymous said...

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verdle said...

Sara, are you going to become an Episcopalian like we used to be? Or is Anglican the word in NZ...I see that your house belong to the Anglicans. What are bacon butties for $5 - how much is that in US$ - I want you to try them and report even if you are not fond of meat. Uncle Ross will love you more for it.
love, auntie - LOVE THE BLOG

Sara said...

It's an Anglican Church. I think I might start going though... Why not? They are so nice.

Marcus S said...

God help us when and if Sacramento finally gets a seat on the UN...