Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The First Ultrasound. (IT'S TWINS!) 2/9/2015

The big day had arrived. February 9th, 2015. Our first ObGyn appointment.

I could barely sleep even the day before, waking up at 6:45, thinking about the next day. Like I was waiting for Santa to bring me my goodies.

We rolled out of bed at 7:30 in time to get to Kaiser by 8:00. We inched down the side streets in Justin's Suburu toward the clinic I worked at for years my last go around in Portland. It seemed like it was taking forever to get there. I was worried we'd be late. But we were on time, and there was ample space in the parking garage.

The lady checked us in. "We don't know where to go."

"Down the hall, first waiting room on your left."

We were the only ones there. After a while a pregnant lady emerged from the door. I stared and tried to imagine myself in her shoes.

After sitting for about ten minutes, they called my name. I felt a little like we were in the wrong place. What if I wasn't really pregnant? What was going to happen? We followed the nurse back as I nervously chattered about nothing.

The intake nurse covered the basics: The father's name and age, last menstrual period, pertinent history, weight and blood pressure. We spent about forty five minutes talking about nothing. She went over a food diagram, telling me to eat vegetables and whatnot. Documented exercise. She said I was healthy and was right on track. "So many patients ask me, "Where's the french fries on this diagram? Where's the chips?" I don't eat those anyway. I told her I was having problems getting food down. I didn't like broccoli anymore.

Next we were ushered into an exam room down the hall. The medical assistant led us into the cramped room. I could barely see a place to sit down my backpack. Justin found a chair crammed next to the exam table. "Take all your clothes off and sit on the exam room table."

It was the first time anyone was with me in an ObGyn appointment.

I was worried I was going to be embarrassed. But I didn't care.

I piled all my clothes up and gave them to Justin. "I see your butt." He said.

Who wouldn't in that gown that was big enough for three of me?

The feeling of sitting in an exam room naked and exposed with your partner next to you, ignorance exposed, not knowing what is next. We joked and waited wondering how it would go.

Our nurse practitioner came in. Ruddy curly hair going in every direction. A white lab coat, kinda big and glasses. The disarray made me nervous.

She introduced herself. And asked a few questions. There was a quick and discrete breast exam. And then the pelvic. I told Justin what they did beforehand as a warning. It was all very fast.

She dimmed the lights and pulled over a machine.

Being completely stupid, we didn't know what was happening.

"Are you ready for the ultrasound?" She brandished a white wand in her hand.

"I didn't even know they were doing to do that today." I had wanted to ask but didn't.

She inserted the wand and we all watched the screen.

I was half expecting her to tell me I wasn't even pregnant. It would be sort of embarrassing. But I'm sure it's happened before.

A dark hole appeared on the screen with something inside it. She moved it around again and we saw it from another angle. It seemed like we were pregnant.

"Do you see what I see?" The wild haired lady asked us.

"Uhh, a baby?" We were confused. We hoped it was a baby.

There was a pause.

"It's two."

Tears were rolling out of my eyes. I covered my face. This wasn't really happening was it?

All that nausea starting at three weeks. Instantly sore breasts.

My mom saying, "I think it's twins." Thinking she was crazy.

Justin sat in the corner quietly crying too. I felt so dissociated. A different person. An alternate reality. Where was I? This wasn't really happening. It seemed so fake. So unreal.

"One measures 9 weeks 5 days, one 9 weeks 3 days."  One appeared to be dancing.

"Oh shit." We said.

She said, "I know it's shocking. It will take some time to get used to it. You can still have a healthy pregnancy. But they won't let you go past 38 weeks. Most twin pregnancies deliver at 36-38 weeks."

I guess we weren't gonna have to have the oldest kid in school after all.

I started imagining a giant belly and birth complications.

"The only thing is that you've gone from a healthy normal pregnancy to a high risk pregnancy. You'll probably have to meet with some of the MDs and we'll establish a team to take care of you."

"How were the heartbeats?" I asked.

"They were both good. In the 180s I'd guess. I forgot to tell you- I was distracted by there being two. "

Well that was good. Two heartbeats. Two babies. Two placentas. Separated by a wall. Most likely fraternal.

She said goodbye.

The medical assistant returned, "I heard you got the BOGO offer!" We all roared with laughter. Just what we needed.

Our visit was done. We walked out stunned and dazed.

We had a 1.67% chance of a natural twin pregnancy (meaning we were not on fertility), accounting also for our older age which increased the risk.


Elana said...

Congratulations Sara!!! I am so happy for you guys! I look forward to reading about your new adventure...pregnancy..and getting to see pics of the new members of your beautiful family! We will be heading that way this summer (end of June) but not sure the distance between Longview and Portland...maybe stay in touch! Congrats again..you two will be amazing parents!

Sara said...

Longview is really close. About 50 minutes north of Portland. We will have to get together for sure! I would love to see you and your family.

Elana said...

That would be wonderful!!! It's been SO long!!! What...30+ years?!?

Ron King said...

Twins? Wow! I bet it felt crazy when your mom said it, but she was right all along. I guess motherly instinct really works that way. Hahaha! Anyway, I wish you a super healthy pregnancy and safe delivery. Thanks for sharing that great news, Sara! All the best to you! :)

Ron King @ Medgen