Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Calm in the Storm of Twins- & Flashback to 10 week Twin Ultrasound with Interpretation

Ultrasound from week 10. This one is interesting because it shows both at once. Twin A (on my left side) will be the presenting twin (born first), because s/he is lower. If Twin A is larger (which s/he has been all along by about 2-3 days), then a vaginal birth will be attempted and possible, no matter what the presentation of Twin B is. Twin B can be manipulated in the womb if breach or transverse.

A lot of the hard work is done. We hired a doula who specializes in twins. She has forty twin births under her belt with only four c-sections. We've found a birthing class nine blocks from our home and a Dads 101 class for Justin. I found prenatal yoga classes near our house. We have a good OB lined up who also had twins (though we are not guaranteed her for delivery). I've have made it through several twin books. Friends have offered a crib, and a double bob stroller. Baby clothes and maternity clothes. And love and support. And excitement.

The kitchen will be done next week. Today they installed the hardwoods.

I've gained about seven pounds now. And there's enough out front that patients have actually asked if I was pregnant. At sixteen weeks with twins, you're not exactly flat anymore.

Monday was my day off. I hopped on my old 1979 Schwinn which I'd recently outfitted with new tires, brakes and cables and pedaled up the hill. The wind and rain questioned my choice of transportation. I could barely get up the tiny hill next to our house. But I moved forward. Intrepid. Dressed head to toe in rain gear. Even rain boots and rain gloves. After a quick stop at the Community Cycling Center where they adjusted my brakes, I coasted down the hill to the Albina Library.

It was quiet day aside from an appointment at 2:00 with my counselor. Who ironically also has twins (which I didn't know until recently). Adopted. With nine days notice. They had just decided they didn't need to have kids, and weren't even in the process of adoption when it basically fell into their laps. Suddenly they had two daughters. The girls are 18 now, and everything turned out fine. It made me thankful that we likely have 6-7 months to prepare.

Afterward, I glided down Ankeney Street toward Sizzle Pie Pizza on Burnside to redeem my free slice from a donation to the Give Guide. With my bike locked up outside, I plopped my green backpack on the table and picked out a tofu olive pizza. It was okay. But as I sat there, I thought how much I was enjoying my freedom. How I should savor these months. Soon this will come to an end. Riding around and doing what I want. Watching people. Enjoying the world.

I've been told that I should stop riding my bike. In case I fall off and damage my babies. I am planning to ride until I feel that my balance is compromised. Plus I only ride on quiet streets and not fast. I guess I figure I could get in a car accident. Fall down the stairs. Fall walking. Or slip in the shower. I could wear full body armor and a stomach protector. But I am just going to live my life instead and hope for the best. I'm pretty sturdy. I'm sure my kids will be too.

We found a few people off Craig's list to come and take away most (about 15-20) of our overgrown plants in the yard. Justin and I have dug up the front yard and planted seedlings inside. We might go a little overboard this year. Then we can decide if we need to scale back and put a patch of grass in the front yard. Justin thinks we need a patch of grass for the little Charlies to sit in while we garden. He might be right.

It's weird to imagine going from "us" two to "us" four. I just have no idea what it will be like. I'm sure everyone who has had kids before me has gone through this thought process. As well, the experience of my body changing into something else as it's creating two little beings. I would've never understood had I not experienced it. How we create other little people from such a small bit of cells. And then it somehow works out. It's pretty amazing.

I'm starting a writing class this week. Probably the last in a while. Carrie and Justin and I and the dogs are headed to the rainforest this weekend for a getaway and hiking.

We're just planning to enjoy ourselves and our little life for now. And hope for the best.

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