Friday, March 20, 2015

Another Strange Omen (before I knew I was pregnant): A Thank You Letter for Our First Pregnancy Gift

I donated to the Baby Blues Connection through the Give Guide. Every year since 2004, one of our local alternative papers, the Willamette Week, conducts a donation drive. I usually enjoy picking out places to send a little money. This year, I went a little overboard and chose about 20-30 non-profits.

Back in December 2014, a while after I donated, an emailed showed up from Baby Blues Connection that I’d won an art print they were giving away.

Here's the thank you I sent them: 

January 22, 2015


I donated to the Baby Blues Connection through the Give Guide. And then later heard from you guys that I’d won one of the prints you were giving away.

It arrived in the mail - I opened it and thought, hmm, wonder what I should do with this? Maybe I should give it to my sister who is pregnant in Minnesota. But she would probably not hang it up. It’s not her style.

So I just put it back in the envelope and stuck it under the Christmas tree.

About two weeks after, I was pretty late with my period. I finally decided to take a pregnancy test the morning I was flying out of town to see my partner’s family in North Carolina.

It was positive.

We’d been trying for a few months.

I got on the plane and wondered at the news I’d discovered.

I thought I could keep it a secret until our anniversary, but I told my partner the next day. He was so surprised, happy, and couldn’t believe he would be a daddy.

About a week later I remembered the pregnant lady print that I’d won, and thought how strange it was that I won it right before I found out. (And was actually pregnant at the time you sent it.)

We are 7 weeks along, which is not much. But I somehow feel that print was a good omen.

And now I know what to do with it.

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks.

And you gave me the first “mom” gift that I’ve ever received.

Keep doing your good things.


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