Sunday, November 14, 2010

Athens Grand Finale

These are the underwear and socks of the girl who had the huge suitcase. She turned out to be one of those people who stays up smoking, talking loudly, inviting friends over, burning incense and then deciding to go out after midnight--- along with the other Argentian boy who was in our room. The other girl Gina (from NH and living in London) and I were not impressed. But at least we were not alone. I have never seen someone's thong out. We thought since she had a 2-ton suitcase she would have spare underwear. Hmm. A mystery.

How I woke up. The view out my window.

"21 secrets to make him fall in love fast"
Beware men everywhere, I'm going to read this on the way home (given to me by Gina) and I will wield my power over you!

I saw this when I was first out. They were just sitting together. Happy.

From a different view.

This was the photographer, from her place of rest. A good way to start the day. On the cold tiles. Before the sun popped out.

Inside the theatre. You can tell it's been restored.

Well my plans for touring at the sites were FOILED. By elections. Oh well.

Had my morning espresso at MickeyD's. That's a first. I don't even know why. Oh ya, because I was cheap and it was non-smoking. All the other cafes are all full of smoke in and out, even though Greece has non-smoking laws. They are not enforced at all.

Their poor guards... Look at the hideous shoes. Even with my crazy fashion sense, I'm not sure I'd wear them. Ok I would. Pom-pom and all.

From the top of Lykavittos Hill. On the right is the Acropolis, on the left is the Olympic Stadium.

The church at the top of Lykavittos Hill.

The Acropolis is like an island amidst city.

He was writing the whole time I walked up and down the hill. I wonder what.

Goodbye Athens! I loved you!


Dee J. said...

Could you maybe give photography classes to your family for a discount????? I think the guy was writing in a journal - or perhaps a travelogue - or perhaps a new college textbook!...or could he be a spy posing as a wrting person?
miss you lots. Love, auntie dj

Sara said...

I think I just got the eye from my dad. That's according to my mom. :)

I loved loved loved Athens. You should go. It's a bit gritty though. But that's part of the reason I loved it even more. :)