Saturday, November 13, 2010

Athens II

That's a real angel. Like me.

Dead people. I come from a long line of dead people. Hehhe. Don't we all? I was hangin' out in a graveyard this morn. Athen's first graveyard. Old.

A plant I MIGHT not kill.

Coffee in Greek. Sounds the same, just different spelling.

A Greek Coffee. Awful lot like a Turkish Coffee. But don't say that to them. They don't really like the Turks.

In this old church, I said a prayer.

The Acropolis.

I sat and listened to a guy pick guitar here. It was beautiful.

The Acropolis.

The Central Market. Reminded me of Istanbul.

They have these abandoned crumbling buildings everywhere, like they are out of Interview with a Vampire. But I didn't see any Vampires.

I almost threw up walking through the fish and meat market. And decided I am firmly vegetarian.

Fortunately after the horrid dead animals and fish, there was fresh coffee roasting, so I quickly suppressed the bad smells and thoughts.

He did not look good.

This was some sort of creme cake w cinnamon topping. I ate it for lunch. Really healthy, yes. But I read that you can even loose weight eating twinkies. So I am not feeling guilty. No. The guy said it was called Milfac. But I think I got it wrong.

Are they saying marriage is wacked?

Gasworks, where they have arts and shows.

Inside Gasworks, an exhibit.

What I felt like. I was having a migraine. And lost my left field of vision in rainbow effects. I couldn't read or see the pictures. So I sat with the girl who was working there and talked. And she gave me water and a tablet of something. It was actually a good diversion. Her name was Thalia.

They were both playing w their worry beads. See the guy on the left, the orange beads--- people use them to pass time or when they are fretting or trying to quit smoking. If you listen when you are walking the streets of Athens, you will hear them clinking.

Me at the top of the mount. I found a couch made of rock. And laid there watching the city. It was beautiful.

Look at his steering wheel. I saw him twice today.

I can't wait to meet this person (roommate). Who the hell travels w this much shit! 2 bags and a hair straightener? That suitcase is gonna explode!! I'm a snot.
***OK I met the girl and she is really nice, from Argentina and traveling for TWO MONTHS with that much stuff! Crazy as!!

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Dee J. said...

Beautiful pictures and great commentary. Hope the migraine did not last long - hate headaches.