Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tongariro Alpine Crossing

A few days ago, I boarded the intercity bus for Turangi, a small town on the south of lake Taupo. It's about 6 hours south of Auckland by bus. I checked into my clean and lovely backpackers and signed up to do the Tongariro crossing the following day.

The bus picked me up at a little after 7AM, and then I was on my way. The hike took about 7 hours, fairly challenging, but worth the effort.

One of those typical kiwi sayings... odd grammar, yes.

The fashionista of the mount.


Josh and Molly said...

No snow on there this time! Cute getup:) Was it hard work?

auntie dj said...

Love the aviator glasses; a 7 hour hike sounds like quite a hike! probably uphill too. We are waiting for yet more snow to arrive - bah humbug - The pictures are absolutely gorgeous and I wish I was with you.
love, auntie dj

sara said...

It was damn hard work. I felt sooo out of shape! I wondered if it was because I'm getting old. Hahahah.

It makes me want to do more hikes. I will! :)

See you all very soon. In North America, that is...