Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thai Farm cooking class in Chiang Mai

Thus begins the day, in the market. I took this one just for you meat eaters out there. It didn't even smell bad actually, so must've been fresh. Still doesn't make me want to eat the stuff.
Rachel with the rice. I can now tell the difference between sticky rice vs jasmine rice.

Yum, veggies! My dream world.

Your usual senorita Thai cooking costume modeled by tall blonde girl.

Mare learning to make Chicken Basil with our instructor.

The first three dishes I made were: (L to R) green curry, papaya salad, tom yum soup. Later we cooked pad thai and mango with sticky rice to take-away for later. I was full for TWO days.

Rachel and Mare in the back of the songtheaw (a pick-up which has been converted to public transportation).

Where we had fruit shakes - in the alley by our guesthouse in Chiang Mai.

My foot and the coffee shop where I whiled away yesterday afternoon.


Auntie DJ said...

Greetings from California:
Tom yum soup is my favorite - either with or without shrimp! I had farmer's market fresh strawberries this morning - mmmmmm.
It looks heavenly where you were.
Have a good next leg of your journey.
Auntie DJ

Hamster said...

Here's a good Thai cooking course for free

www.thaifoodtonight.comIt's got about 30 recipes each one with a cooking video to go along.