Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Killing you with photos from Laos (this is what happens when you have no electricity or internet for a week)

Secret timer picture of the crew our last night in Louang Prabang. Last night of Beer Lao.

Louang Prabang's night market. Just for tourists. But the vendors aren't too aggressive, so you don't might going through it over and over. It is really beautiful with all the colors.

Here is Emily. My roommate/friend/a good egg from Vancouver/Toronto. She's headed to Toronto for her Master's this fall.

Me. Lazin' on the boatride from Louang Prabang to Nong Khiaw, with Keri Hulme on my lap. Life doesn't get much better than this.

Elephants! Sorry for the crappy shot. But I have photodocumentation at least.

Emily during the nightly power outage in Nong Khiaw.

Nong Khiaw in the morning. Always misty.

From the other side of the bridge.

Looking down can be interesting...

At sunset. Which is better, one or two? I didn't just say that.

Ya more of that darn river. Bit of an obsession here. I know.

The sweetest garage I have ever seen.

Nong Khiaw by dusk.

With the artistic blur...
Can you pick out the item that doesn't really belong here? I might have a prize for the right guesser. I'll give a hint. It's probably from the United States. No, it is not Penut Butter.

Muang Ngoi.
Old school bathing.

Walking through the rice paddies.


Kids in the village on our trek from Muong Ngoi.

The Captain of our shit I mean ship. (The girl on the right on the boat is from PORTLAND, OREGON! I don't need to tell you that she was very cool.)

The Captain making a wedge to fix the massive influx of water only ten minutes into our four-hour boat journey. He stuffed a piece of cloth between the wood. We arrived without incident after this!

Fellow traveler from Germany. A quiet guy. I never talked to him on the boat but ran into him a few towns later and he was quite the chatter. Surprised me.

I think I look pretty chill here. Boat rides agree with me.

Special tiles they have in Laos. And this is supposed to be a conservative country. I wonder. I wouldn't mind having this in my next bathroom.

These two little boys were egging me on I think. And they were playing hit the rock on the metal bar game. Where's their protective goggles? Glad no rocks came my way.
The pack of 12-year-old boys who I rode my bicycle with through the countryside near Nong Khiaw. I've never seen such ratty bicycles (I feared parts flying off in all directions), but they could sure pedal. And they were all one gear.

Along the bicycle ride.

Ditto. I don't know what the little huts are for in the rice paddies. Maybe for lunch?
Bamboo bridge. Not too sturdy. But even Big Sara did not break through. The water was only about one foot deep below it, so my life wasn't really in danger.

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