Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Little town gems of the world

The towns I've listed here are places I've visited (or lived) that generate a "feeling" of the country and it's citizens as well as being very user-friendly for the visitor or new resident. I guess I could also call it my top destination recommendations. Most of them have a heritage feeling as well as residents who are exceptionally friendly. I didn't put any European destinations because it's really been soooo long since I was there.

I'd love to hear your recommendations also.

Chiang Mai, Thailand (walkable, peaceful city that's on the tourist track, but doesn't feel like it)
Portland, Oregon, USA (hey, I could go on forever with this one- highlights include most microbreweries per capita and highest percentage of bicycle commuters in the USA)
Wellington, New Zealand (arresting architectural lines and interesting people)
Hoi An, Vietnam (300 year old French wooden shops filled by the artisans of Vietnam)
Georgetown, Malaysia (colorful archways lead you through this city of non-commercialism)
Kaohsiung, Taiwan (modern, creative and underlooked)
Louang Prabang, Laos (heritage and night market beauty)
Victoria, BC, Canada (very provincial, but superfriendly and artsy)
Suchitoto, El Salvador (sweetest people in the world)
Mussoorie, India (in the beauty Himalayas, there's peace to be found in India)
Phnom Penh, Cambodia (a mix of restored and blown-out buildings)
Grand Forks, ND, USA (a sweet, little place with beautiful Harvard-esque university)


Josh and Molly said...

Grand Forks, ND You forgot this little place that you once used to so enjoy. The people here are generally wonderful and very helpful and as we are not in another "crisis" situation - you realize how many people here go out of there way to help others.

Had to toot ND/MN's horns.
Love, Molly

sara said...

Ok Molly! I agree with you. I will amend the list. :)