Saturday, February 2, 2008

Evidence of my downsizing.

My place. I live above the garage!

My room/house.

From the other side.

The shower.

Bathroom. Duh.


karen said...

Sara, your garage apartment looks very cozy. karen

Auntie Verdle said...

That is so you and I see a familiar wedding picture on the wall! It's so nice and tidy; puts a bigger twist on "downsizing".

Ray said...

2 comments/questions... One) Your wine rack is empty. Shame on you! Two) They play lots of hoops there?

sara said...

I haven't really seen any basketball in action- perhaps it's for decoration?

And, yes, I am aware, I'm remiss on the wine shopping. But I'm still on foot to the grocery store- usually makes for ONE bottle at a time shopping! :)