Sunday, June 30, 2013

PDX: 88°F @ 21:32

At least the humidity's only 43%. It could be worse. It's time for the third shower of the day.

Sitting in one spot sweating. This is summer. I miss the 65° weather. Now it's treacherous to attempt to ride a bike- inviting heatstroke or dehydration. We loll around with waters in hand, frozen out of the freezer to keep us chilly and upright.

The dogs are quiet- laying in the living room, sleeping off the weather. We're dog-sitting for a friend this weekend and two dogs make for much more trouble than one, even when both are mild. One barks, the other barks. At least now they both sleep.

I read the paper online and watched a protest from North Carolina, a rally against the losses to women's rights, the unemployed and restrictive voting laws. They sang, "fighting for our children," in a hymnal-like sound as they were handcuffed and carried off by the police for staging a peaceful assembly.  I wonder what kind of country we are living in. I cried a little as I listened to them sing in hope and solidarity.

The record setting heat all over the west makes me wonder too. Last night I dreamed we were dying. It was kind of peaceful to just let go. Justin dreamed of a massive storm, related to global warming. If we had a kid, would they burn up on this earth? Will we all?

We drove to look at houses yesterday, four of us in my Mini Cooper: Carrie, Drazen, Justin and me. It was pretty fun. Only could've been improved if we'd have brought along the two dogs. Then we'd have had a gong show.

I've looked at least fifty houses. Every day a few more trickle onto the market. We don't know where to buy, and haven't a set neighborhood in mind. I guess we are open and looking for the right thing to pop up. We made one offer but lost out to a higher bid. I'm relaxed and trust that we'll find the right house. But it's exhausting. House hunting requires stamina.

Today we paddled in the Willamette River. Five of us. Two canoes, one kayak. One capsize. No losses. Lots of laughing and a fair amount of sitting in the shade. Great fun.

I want to use air conditioning. I wonder if it is wrecking the environment. I feel that I am helping by sitting here sweating and using less resources. I guess whatever you can do.

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