Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Visiting my Mom. Yet another road trip.

Hunkered down outside of Charleston, West Virginia. Sudden road trip to Iowa, following three job interviews and one tooth repair in Virginia Beach. At the feeble rate Americans offer vacation & sick leave, I figure I must maximize my time off now, or I will never see my family again. Most companies are still trying to give only two weeks leave including sick days. Insane, and it just makes me angry. What the heck are we doing here on this earth? Only to work? I don't think so!

So the intent was to camp in the Shenandoahs but the weather gods frowned on that idea (and I learned possibly I should check the forecast.) So I continued onward. Heading home, to Iowa. Well, that's where my car is registered, at least. Strangely it feels like home. Looking forward to bike rides through the farmland and family again.

Foreboding beauty.
 Example of non-ideal camping weather
The Shenandoahs: they peak at like 2700 ft or so, which compared to the 10,000+ of Mount Hood in Oregon, these are just hills with trees. (Kinda like the Poconos.) 
 Still pretty. Prolific fog, rolled in like sheets of rain.
 The Magical Mini takes me anywhere and everywhere. She's been good to me.
 Heading west into the sunset. I love it. I love seeing the word West. But then I'm a west-coast girl at heart.

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