Wednesday, May 2, 2012

FLORIDA by car

Losing track of days and weeks and states seems to be a theme with me. We've been in Florida for about six days, spending a few days waylaying in Jacksonville visiting friends and now onto Cocoa Beach where Justin's dad lives, running a boat. 

I hate to say this, but I think Florida is tacky. I'm rather shocked most of these days how tacky the US is in general, except for a few places, but then I think I'm mentally comparing it to tidy & efficient Germany, where everything looked cute because of the construction. It's probably not a fair comparison. 

As far as camper life goes, adaption has been swift and easy. Wandering from campground to campground is mentally relaxing- there's something about having your home with you. Compared to the disorientation of waking up every morning in a different hostel bed, the camper brings a bit of routine to life on the road. 

After Cocoa Beach we'll be heading north again, as all good things must come to an end and even a vagabond like me misses the routine of a regular job (until the yearning for adventure takes over once again). 

Last sunset in Georgia
 RV side mirrors
My hot truck driver boyfriend 
 Arrival in Jacksonville... happy contractors available here
Camping in our friends' backyard 
Bailey between the rigs 
The Bold Bean coffee shop- excellent stuff 

 Trying to wake up...
 My favorite colors
 A flower on the roadside
I really love what this says 
 Saw an Iowa car and got really happy & waved but I have a feeling they didn't figure out our connection since I was in a NC/GA car... 
 Apparently I have rellies in downtown Jacksonville
They have this massive bookstore downtown, which is an utter mess, called Chamblin Books 

 Any section you could ever dream of is there...

 I always check out the public library if I can
 Inside the MOCA (museum of contemporary art)
 They had an exhibit of the 1970s

So I love this blessing 
 Iced coffee = happiness
 Watching the sidewalk

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