Thursday, May 24, 2012

Five Year Plans

Potential employer's favorite question:
"Where do you see yourself in five years?" 

My answer: 
"Well, think back five years ago- where did you think you'd be? How much of your plans for your future were correct?" (I don't actually say this out loud but maybe one day when I'm bold, I will.)

Five years ago I was 30-31. Working at Kaiser. Owning a $350k house, a car, contributing to a 401k, paying off student loans. Dating casually. Living in Portland. Five year plan probably included more of the same. 

So now, I'm in Iowa (or really, North Carolina). Between jobs. Having worked overseas for 4 years. Visited about 20-30 countries in the interim period. Paid off all student loans. No debts. No kids. No husband. But a nice boyfriend. 

Never would have guessed any of that. 

So in five years, where will I be? I have no idea. 

I hope I am happy. That is all.

Dream world: A nice little cottage with a garden. A kitchen. A place to ride my bike. Someone to wake up with when the sunlight streams in the window and fall asleep next to when the light from the moon drips over our bodies. Fresh vegetables. Time for art & music. Freedom of movement. What else is there?

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