Thursday, May 10, 2012

Last night on the road

Posting delay- after nearly a month on the road, and several stints in areas with limited wifi and cell reception, I've been unable to keep up. 

We are actually in Raleigh. Waylaid on our way back to Hatteras. It was planned. We are camping at the Fairgrounds. No, not a typo, we are staying at the fair. They have RV hook ups. Very basic. But no camping otherwise in Raleigh so hey can't complain. We had some difficulty backing the RV in- I think brains tired from nearly a month on the road, but then we both know when we get back that we will be thinking about taking another trip. 

Life is funny. A few nights ago, I was dreaming of waterskiing in Minnesota with my uncle Rick at the wheel, only it was when he was a lot younger with blonde hair, and I looked over and there was my dad in the water, young with a beard and everything, watching me. I woke up in the camper with Justin at my side feeling weird and comforted at the same time. 

Now we're on our way back to the Outer Banks. The final stretch. I started out telling people I was from North Dakota and Justin from the Outer Banks but by the end just started saying we were both from there. I'm not sure what that means, but it was easier to explain. Sometimes it's easier to simplify.

I've been trying to not plan so much, to follow life's road as it leads me along. Not always the easiest task for someone who's a lifelong planner. So I have a few more job interviews lined up next week, and will see if life has something in store for me.  

Raw food in Jacksonville.


Somewhere in the boonies of GA after about 8 hours of driving in 90 degree weather with no AC. 
 Toting a trailer thru Atlanta- no small feat, but we hit no traffic, amen!

 Trackrock Campgrounds guard dog

Trackrock Campgrounds near Blairesville , GA 
 Fire Compulsion Ensues

HELEN, GA- a little Bavarian town in the GA Mountains

Asheville is like Portland in North Carolina. Really enjoyed it for vacation- might find the overabundance of hipsters annoying as far as a place to live.. but then that is me and I am sensitive to that after 10 years in Portland.  

Firestorm Books, a worker owned cooperative bookstore and coffeehouse

 Adorable old people!

 Hearn's Bicycles. Almost all second hand. My personal heaven.

Pouring rain 
A project in the works 

 The Laughing Seed in Asheville

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