Monday, July 25, 2011

A taste of Ukraine: Lviv

The city feels like Prague with way less tourists. I have heard that so many places are called, "The Next Prague," but so far none of them matched up with the title. I have not heard that Lviv is The Next Prague but I think perhaps it is.

Quiet, calm, cafes. Colorful, intricate buildings. Cheap, tasty food. Coffee. Underground bars. A massive cemetary. Former USSR, but feels quite Western.

The Transport To Lviv: I took the overnight bus. I was a bit nervous and could not eat the whole day. I packed an Ativan, earplugs, eyemask, music, etc and hoped for the best. They said the bus was full and I got an aisle seat, so I figured I'd be up most of the night. Instead, the bus had a lot of empty seats, I'd been given a window anyway, and I slept more hours than I do in a hostel. Yaya!
It was damn cold on the bus as there was some crazy A/C freak in charge of the controls so I put everything on that I could find in my bag, including my trusty handsocks, and wool slippers I'd bought in Lithuania.
Just in case I wanted to remember the time.
The Polish border. We arrived at 5:30 and did not pass through the Ukranian side until almost 4 hours later. I was pretty patient, but that was a long time.
Arrival in Lviv... we sat in the coffee shop in Rynok Square. Coffees are about 1 Euro.

There were bride everywhere in princess dresses and with so much make up their mothers would not recognise them. Most looked to be around 20 years old, and the size I was in about 4th grade.

Cabinet Cafe where I had a coffee with rum, coca-cola, ice cream and cinnamon. It was good.

The Ukrainian stamp is orange. I wonder if it is after the Orange Revolution?
There was a band playing here -- a great spot for people watching until they took a break and I was starting to fear lung cancer from the second hand smoke.

Dinner. Yum. The Vino was good.

I bought these sunglasses and I think they will match my car. Yay.
The view from my hostel balcony where I sit and drink coffee in the morning. That's Rynok Square.
I like this car.

Visit Lviv! It's lovely.

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Dee J. said...

I still like the guitar guy the best - I know that if I could play the guitar the two of us could make money on street corners - just playing the guitar doncha know?:):)