Sunday, July 31, 2011

I love Libraries & Art: Warsaw's back streets

My final day in Warsaw. (I almost just wrote Berlin! They are similar.) Wandering libraries and art museums. But first thing was to bus to the bus station and buy my ticket for the following day. I'd built it up to a long nightmare with an unsmiling attendant in the midst of confusion and suffering and it ended up being a five minute simple experience ending in a smile- one of the easiest encounters of my trip. After that was out of the way, I was off to my greatest loves, art and books.

The Modern Art Museum, which is in a temporary location, small, beautiful and free. Simple in it's B&W display, with a tiny cafe at the entrance where I topped off my visit with an espresso.

So true and yet, I can't help but think money is freedom. It is.
So similar, it's shocking.
The artistic metro station, Plac Wilsona. It was nice but I was underwhelmed. But with a 16zl (4Euro) 3-day transport pass, it was not a waste of much time and no money.
Poland's symbol, on the side of an old bank which survived WW2.
I love the layers.

The opera house.
Old town
Old town market square.
Kafka Kafe. Excellent salad, coffee and interesting people watching.
The most beautiful library in the world.
The ceiling of the most beautiful library.
They have a garden atop.
Warsaw from the roof.

Inside the library from the roof

Ok so I was thinking that the people in the library could probably see up my skirt since it is all windows but hopefully it was kind of far away and they really couldn't see anything but if they did see something I hope it made them happy at least.

Rooftop Garden (another one!)

I went to see the Polish Little Mermaid who is supposed to have muscles but then this was there instead. So I took a picture. You can just imagine the muscular little mermaid. I hope you can imagine it.
The stadium and a tram. I rode a tram over that bridge too.
Obi Cafe
They were having a bike scavenger hunt and most of the teams were all dressed up in their spandex.
But this team was normal and laid back. I wanted to be on their team. If I were in the race.

Warsaw: Visit. But be strong. It is not for the weak. It is worth your efforts. Fearlessly attempt public transport. Polish people are nice and helpful but speak mostly Polish. Not so much English or German, but you will get by. I did. Anyway. It's a very interesting, very large town. Go!

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Dee J. said...

I do not know what the second symbol is on the "Fear" picture - I see the first one as Nazi or Communist. What is the second?
Great pictures - you have a skill with photography in capturing "moments".
Love, auntie dj