Thursday, July 28, 2011

End of Lviv, Introducing Warsaw!

I have had a technical failure since arriving in Warsaw, and my netbook no longer attaches to the internet, so I am back to paying for online time and transferring files via flashdrive. Not so fun, but it frees up a lot of time otherwise. I have also become dependent on the hostel reception to look up travel information, like bus schedules and whatnot. That is actually an improvement.

End of Lviv:
She was singing opera in Rynok Square. It's the first time I have heard a street performer do opera. It was really beautiful.

Taking the train to WARSAW!
(Unlike Copenhagen, their lightboards work and are accurate, and the trains were even on time.)

It really was non smoking. (Unlike Denmark also.)
Dinner. Yum. I did not finish the beer or I would have passed out and missed my station even though it was nearly an 8 hour ride. It was 8.3% beer.

This kid was eating the whole train ride, and opening and closing the door like he was five. His grandmother didn't say one thing to him. The lady who was sitting across from me kept making faces at me, so at least i had a partner in my judgement and annoyance.
First thing I saw in Warsaw (almost).
Central train station
Cafe inside Warsaw Rising museum

Remnants of WW2

Palace of Culture. It was all lit up in blue when I first got off the train. I thought I died and went to heaven. Warsaw was so peaceful and quiet and blue, and I was surprised. But then it was nearly midnight on a weekday. It is different during the day.
I would like to study here too
Marie Curie was from Warsaw

Cinnamon honey latte. Sounds better than it was. I would rather have had an espresso. But I am a snot like that.
This was a bar/cafe like in the middle of an intersection. And they had a pool. How Polish! Crazy Polish.
In the contemp art museum. I liked it. And they were free on Thursdays.
Fin means End.

More WW2 leftovers

I really liked this door

Warsaw is quite the city to visit. It's hard. I mean, you need to be a bit intrepid to get around. There's not a lot of English. It's really spread out. Even with a transport pass, my legs are aching from all the walking. I felt I liked it the first day, but I think that I would not want to live here, it is a difficult city, and I think a bit dark. But then that is true.

I took the tram to the ghetto area, which is still poor and kind of in ruins. And it was quite ghetto. I got back on the tram and decided I would leave the area.

The population is 1.7million, but I wonder what the land size is--- it is very spread out.

I will be here 2 more days, and then to the lakes region where I can canoe and look at Hilter's Wolf's Lair (where one of his people tried to assassinate him, unsucessfully).

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