Monday, July 18, 2011

Kaunas, Lithuania (a former capitol city)

My feelings about Kaunas:

The wall outside my hostel (which was lovely as):
Their main pedestrian walking way:

This man appeared to harassing the girl and then her boyfriend showed up. I later saw the man in the hat at the grocery store looking hazy, having purchased a large bottle of alcohol to continue the haze. Sad.

The Church in the square:
On the wall in my hostel:

They put nipples on this lady, the freedom monument:
If that does not look like an old commie building. It's now the War Museum. I did not go.
War memorial.

And this is what baby devils look like. (At the Devil Museum!)

The Hitler and Stalin Devils, made in 1975. With skulls beneath them.
Vilnius street.

A stag party. I would wear that apron.

I'd seen this red car earlier when I was at the devil museum.

Their fort.

Looking at the skate park.

I kept running into them. On the river this time.
Where I had a beer. The Blue & Orange bar.

That is one cool building.

Kaunas is about one hour from Vilnius by train or bur. I took a snazzy new train- ala Northern Europe years ago when their trains were new and on time and the monitors and clocks worked at their stations, not so much the case anymore. So Lithuania was a major improvement over Denmark in the train station department.


Josh and Molly said...

I LOVE your shoes! So cute! What kind are they? Are they pricey? Looks like you are having fun! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Sara said...

They are Arcipedico which is out of Portugal. They were not bad (about $60 on the sale rack in Malmo, Sweden) -- I was desperate to get some other shoes than the Keens and they flatten down and you will not believe this but they are Orthopedic! For your Orthopedic Sister. :) I looked but I don't see any online. You would need about a 39. But then my internet search skills are not that great.

gary said...

love it, that looks such a nice city and one i have not been to yet but i do love the eastern block and my favorite has to be the lviv stag do i went on which was fantastic. its a marvellous city that looks much like this in lithuania but i think it must be cheaper and probably a slightly nicer city.