Saturday, September 4, 2010

Istanbul: Day 1

I am so driven by color-- I know these are tastier than usual - being so beautiful. This was Breakfast Dessert.

On the Bosphorous.

The pretty flowers. PLASTIC! I'm thinking I might be part Turkish. And when I grow up rather than killing things, I'll just stick plastic plants everywhere. No one will know for better. If anyone gives me crap, I'll just tell them I'm saving the earth by saving water. Or mention my guilt at serial plant killing, which is a talent of mine.

Second coffee of the day (but I think our hostel served us instant so that doesn't count.). First Turkish Coffee of the trip.

Third coffee. First espresso. Best smelling coffee in a long ass time.

I think this is Mosque Sofia.

I want to make this tree and put it in my room. Or my living room. Or my kitchen. Or the bathroom.

I used to have a problem with puzzles. But after therapy, ok never mind-- I'll never be cured.

Look at those two guys on the left. I had to sneak-take this picture... at the Grand Bazaar.

More dialogue to follow...
As usual, this trip is verification that I have a severe incurable travel addiction.

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Dee J. said...

Wow - have you smoked a water pipe yet? Just saw it in a movie and it was apple flavor! Wonderful wonderful pictures - I want to be there.