Monday, September 20, 2010

Hallstatt, Austria

Couldn't resist taking a photo of the timer picture in action.

More orange obsession, even in the midst of wilderness.

Where we stayed.

That's Ryan taking a pic. And cute tourists.
Me at my happiest- nothing like an espresso. :)

Mild roof obsession, while waiting.

View from our hotel balcony, morning.

They had these all over the salt mine. Not sure the pose here... looks like I have to pee. But I don't. Didn't pee my pants either.
I hiked to the top of the salt mine while Ryan went on a tour. They had Austrian flags painted along part of the way. I don't know why.

In a large mirrored box. I was Happy. Yes.

From the top.

A make-out cabin! Those silly Austrians!

Hallstatt, a UNESCO world heritage site worthy of it's title. Quite, small, peaceful.

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CarrieAnn79 said...

Looks super cute and quaint!