Monday, July 5, 2010

Sofia a.k.a. София

I learned to recognise Sofia written in Cryllic letters, which originated HERE not in Russia, or elsewhere. My weekend in Bulgaria: wandered through the streets, and public transit, with a little help from the locals. All around, a delightful, kind and peaceful country.

Simple clean room with balcony. Perfect for me.

The TRAVEL BULL. Get goin' now, or he'll charge you!

That man just looks like he stumbling. Hope he has coffee not you know what.

Inside the Market Hall. I thought it was the synagogue. What a pleasant surprise. So I had an espresso.

I'll be darned, if it's not the actual synagogue, right out the window. And somehow I walked right past it.

From another angle.

The mineral baths. But they're not open. Never mind, still nice. I don't really like the public baths anyway.

More cute foreigners under the trees on benches.

A church.

Cold yogurt soup with strands of cucumber floating in it. Divine on a hot day.

The outside of my apt building. Looks a little sketch. A lot of the buildings do.

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Dee J. said...

Great photos as usual! I always want to be the "not old" person sitting on those park benches....anywhere. Saw that church on a Rick Steves travel program last night...the market too.
Can't wait for the recap of your thoughts on Bulgaria.
love,auntie dj