Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Questioning life

In the film, “Downfall,” at the end when all was lost for the Nazis, one mother kills all of her children with medication, because she felt that living in a world without Nazi Socialism was not worth living. Minutes later, her husband shot her and then himself.

I came across a quote while reading, how Virginia Woolf asked in her book, “A Room of One’s Own,” why do people bother with love and having children when they know in the end, we all will die? It’s all for nothing.

I keep wondering about that this week. Of course, it could be extrapolated to all of life. Why do we bother with anything at all, least of all love and children? Why are we playing this game of life? Why not just ball up and die and then it’s done?

But I can’t ascribe to that. It’s hard to know why or what we’re doing here. It’s not like I haven’t been wondering this for years along with many others. I think a person has to think about these things, or you’re going to be just slipping along , day by day, until you slide into your grave. It could just be one monotonous life. Or it could be something else.

Giving and receiving and loving and living. Believing in something, whatever it is, is probably necessary.

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