Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Plovdiv, Bulgaria (Пловдив)

There's actually just piles of Roman ruins sitting around the town, in a garden, downtown... This was next to the highway or at least a major road.
In a gallery here. I like the pencil lines on this one. It's from 1915.

The most beautiful guitar music-- he was picking-- like a Spanish guitar, and it wafted through the cobbled street as I wandered along.

Half dead, half alive. Still beautiful.

I guess a church. I didn't go in. I like the painting on the building.

A couple on the ground.

They've rebuilt this arch a zillion times, I read in my guidebook.

This church had dragons painted on the wall.

Used to seat 6,000, now I think it's about 3,000. Still amazing. And what a view!

I was a little sad to go back to Germany after my wayfaring in Bulgaria. The quiet, unassuming country of Bulgaria. There's something about Eastern Europe that feels like peacefulness to me.


Dee J. said...

Once again your pictures are fantastic! I want to learn how to do that! Can you tutor an old person?

Sara said...

Hey it's yer old camera! :)

I use the manual settings, and then fool around until the sky looks blue (instead of blown out white which is how it always turns out on auto settings) and the colors look right. I almost never use the other settings. I did set the camera to vivid also, bc they seemed a little greyed out. Otherwise, I just watch the frame, no extra things if I can help it... try to photograph what catches my eye, whatever that is.

That one guy www.kenrockwell.com has very good tips.