Monday, July 12, 2010

“Have fun, success or even pleasure with your order.”

It’s what came up when I selected “Translate Message.”

I intend to do all three.

I received my new camera. Finally. After a swirling round about way of sending payment. Nothing it seems lately is smooth on the first try. However, I think this was worth the wait. I’m not unhappy, as I mostly thrive on delayed gratification. I don’t think there’s an actual endpoint of “how long to wait” before getting what I want. It could be years or days, more is generally better. What does this mean? I do not know.

But I do have a camera now, to replace the one that the Barcelona thieves ran off with. And it’s delightful.


Anonymous said...

What model camera did you buy? What model camera was stolen?

Sara said...

I got a Canon Power Shot s90.

The one missing was a Canon Power Shot 870IS, but I might be wrong. It was about 2 yrs old.

I also use my Pentax SLR but you need a little camera to get around. I always have it in my purse... good for on-the-fly stuff. SLRs are so cumbersome, unfortunately.

Sara said...

It was a 870IS-- I looked it up. They don't make them anymore or I'd buy it again.