Sunday, June 6, 2010

She ran so fast to catch her train, she almost lost her skirt

It's true. I did. Run. Fast.

My skirt was about 90% of it's way to the floor (full underwear view) in the Nürnberg train station, between tracks 2 and 18, as I sped along. You see, the München train was 25 minutes late. What happened to German punctuality? I'm sad to report than the legend of train time accuracy here seems to have deteriorated. With a 15 minute connection, I wasn't going to make it. However, I did. Because the Germans were so nice as to hold the train for us. Otherwise I think I would've been sleeping in the Nürnberg train station, since that was the last train home of the night. I think I would have. I was not happy at that prospect.

I needed one of these to catch my train:
(I would like one anyway- so adorable!)

So after hopping on the train, adrenaline spiking, I saw two soldiers, and knew I was in the right place. I even made small talk with the German couple next to me. They were from Weiden and had been at a festival eating and drinking all day.

The day had started very early- I caught the 7:30 train to München, as a reward for all the goodness in my life on Friday. I thought last night perhaps I was out of luck, but after it all worked out in the end, I've decided that truly life is in a up-swing. I am happy about that.

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Dee J. said...

Our lives are indeed in an upswing - Amy is feeling good, Chris got a new car, Molly and Josh went to the Iowa city artfrest: we have reached the top and now it is downhill!!!!! My question: what kind of underwear were you wearing?????
love, auntie dj
who is so inappropriate