Friday, June 4, 2010

1600 (UTC/GMT +2 hours) proves significant

First, who is this? I think his name is likely Pavel or Ignac. He's from Slovenia. Ptuj, to be exact. This is the last postcard I mailed Grandma before she died (though I was too late and she never received it). Carrie and I thought we found a man for Grandma. Doesn't he look sweet? If only she had seen the postcard, maybe she would have lived and met Ignac and it would have been happily ever after. But no.

Next, 1600. Hours that is. Why? Nearly the exact same time (within minutes at least), my house in North Dakota closed and I signed the Hooptie over to Derek. Who is from Iowa. Funny that Molly and Josh are moving there as I write. How circular and strange is life at times.


Anonymous said...

Glad I could return the card to you - I have a good mindful memory of sitting at my mom's kitchen table the day after she died and looking at the 2 pieces of mail she had not received - your card and a nice card from an old friend and going "ohhhhhhhhhhh" - it's definitely a frameable keeper.
love, auntie dj

Dee J. said...

Oops forgot - love the new photo - you just need some Azure contacts to match the ring and nails!

Sara Schultz said...

Thanks, I thought maybe it's time for a new look, more upbeat... funny I always hated my grey-blue eyes as a kid, but now I thank my mom! :)