Monday, June 7, 2010

FARTing. (And, no I haven't turned into a 9 year old boy.)

I've been tooling around photography websites, since I've finally decided I really NEED a new camera. Since the thieves in Barcelona have mine. Dirty bastards.

I'm probably going to gift myself with the Canon S90, which is supposed to be good for advanced amateurs who are too damn lazy to carry the large DSLR but want to have their own manual settings (like I do). It's not really lazy, it's just that the SLR can't be carried everywhere I go, whereas the compact can. Therefore, more pictures. I like them on the fly anyway- planning is overrated! (Could that be a life theme?)

I spooled through Ken Rockwell's website, which has loads of photography tips. For anyone who feels like they could use a little upgrade in their skills, I highly recommend it. One of his tips is FARTing. Look for yourself.


geekdave said...

I picked up the Canon S90 earlier this year. For a small camera, it takes great shots in low/natural lighting. My favorite is the funky nostalgic mode. Funny you mentioned Ken's site, as that was one of the reviews I read before buying this camera.

The only quirk is the pop-up flash on the top. My left hand naturally likes to hold the camera in that area and under the non-auto mode, the flash had popped up on me a few times. Just something to get used to.

Sara said...

Hey Dave, thanks for the input.

I just dug out my old DSLR because it takes beautiful photos and I think I will play around this weekend w it, but will order or store buy the Canon S90... I went to buy it the other day, and they didn't have it, so the German guy tried to get me to buy something else totally different. He kept showing me display screen sizes! I was like "I don't care!!!" How do you say that in German? Hmm.

Y'all should come visit Germany. :) Try out the natural light here...

geekdave said...

The S90 is definitely a nice camera, cased in some kind of alloy and not plasticky feel. It has that front control ring that you can change functions on, to give it a slr-esk control feel. Being that the camera is small, it does feel a bit awkward to hold like a larger camera. Very pocket friendly if you can find a nice sleeve or small pouch for it.

My only wish was that it took HD-resolution videos since I do need to catch those funny baby videos often.

lili mae kim said...
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lili mae kim said...

I've been looking at the olympus pen e-p2 or the Panasonic GF1 for the same reason you mention you want the S90. Both the Olympus and Panasonic occupy the middle ground between point and shoot and DSLR and have interchangeable lenses. Of course, in my dreams, I pick up the Leica M9 and say to hell with all others.

Anyway Sara, I'm Joon, a friend of Wanda Victores. She sent me along to your blog because I told her I'd be in Germany with a friend for a week at the end of this month. If you're anywhere near Berlin, perhaps we could have a drink.

Sara said...

Hey I'd get the Leica too, if only for the fact that they are truly beautiful cameras, and classic. But, I sort of like the unobtrusiveness of the the Canon s90... you can sneak around and take photos and no one will notice you.

I had my SLR this wknd, and there is not a one thing that is discrete about an SLR.