Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Saturday in München

The Bayern ticket allows you to travel anywhere in Bayern for 22€ for a single person or 30€ for up to five people. München is a meanderable city with an easy feeling. In fact, I got off the train and wandered, not bothering to pull out my map and it was just fine.

I didn't get any buns, but I wanted to share with you-- the Germans love their bread, so there's always these little carts on the side of the road:
The first people who I saw at the Vilseck train station: (they were just getting home)

I pulled into my parking spot: (Frauen means ladies- those Germans are so considerate!)
 Nürnberg: (look at those hot lederhosen)
Viktualmarkt in München
 Beer gardens (duh)

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Dee J. said...

Could the sky be more blue? Could the guy in the pink shirt at the juice and coffee bar be cuter? Could the beer be better (noticed the crowds)? I know know why I eat so much bread - it's the German! love the pictures - old camera? new camera?
love, auntie dj