Sunday, January 3, 2010

Poland for first breakfast 2010...

"Be careful!" I just liked the sign. (Probably not the best idea to take while driving.)

"Polish" is different. There's something artistic in the austerity.

A 24 Vegas cafe/bar. It looked a little closed to me.

Ok moving on to buildings. They look different here. Maybe it was just the town, but it didn't feel the same as Germany... not at all. You wouldn't think by crossing a bridge there'd be that big of a difference, but a friend of mine (who is Polish) had said that the US didn't let them in (with tourist visas) because "They don't want poor people to visit; they might stay." There are simiar notions regarding the EU-- and why they didn't want to give Poland full status. I will have to explore this country much more than this first quick cursory glance. There is something beautiful in the difference.

Everyone was out walking...

To church!

For the new year, luck and happiness to all!

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