Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bautzen, New Years

Neue Jahr aus Dresden (von meiner Pension Fenster) war "Zehn, neun, acht..." Und dann, Feuerwerk und Kirchenglocken für eine halbe stunde. Es war magisch.

The next day I ran into a cool building while doing a u-turn. It reminded me of the wintergarden that I walked past daily in the Auckland Domain.

Beautiful walk...

To a graveyard!

Of course, if you know my family, we are not afraid of graveyards. Since I come from a long line of dead people, I find them interesting. And this was gorgeous, all the little headstones draped in fresh snow.

Me and a headstone.

Back to the remains of the day... the mustard museum.

And the streets of Bautzen.

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Dee J. said...

Wow - you are so lucky to see that graveyard - the stones seem very close together - do you know why? You are very correct in saying this family loves graveyards - anywhere, everywhere in the world. How many other families do we know that actually search out graveyards on their vacations - no relatives there, just random graveyards - love it. You probably are not aware that in at least one Hong Kong cemetery you only get 7 years in a graveyard and then the next one moves in...crowded conditions.
love, auntie dj