Friday, October 31, 2008


I'm fighting off a stuffy nose, head cold and sore throat just to make things more complicated for Sunday's jog around the city... which starts at 6:30AM. As if that were not early enough, I will be catching a ferry to the start line at about 4:30AM. I think I'm going to need more than caffeine to keep me going. Any advice?

Tomorrow I plan to lollygag around the city, drinking coffee and smoothies (no fiber or fat) and whatnot. Relaxing I hope.

I'm sort of itching to hop a plane to SE Asia. It's cheaper if I leave before December. I'm getting a little bit stir crazy and ready to drop everything and go. I have to be out of my place on the 20th anyway, so I'll be homeless wherever I may be.


Molly said...

Lots of water, maybe a little gingerale. Good luck! I was a bit of an emotional basketcase when I crossed the finish line. Remeber, pain is temporary, finishing is forever :) Have a blast!

Auntie Verdle said...

Gargle with warm salt water for a sore throat. Calm down, pain makes one a better citizen of "wherever", 5 or however many hours it takes you is a very short time in the scheme of things. I hate marathons and I hate watching my son run them - I dont' get it.
But my best wishes and good luck and prayers are with you and I know you will do your personal best.
Love, Auntie Verdle

sara said...

Thanks you guys! :) Love you and miss you! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow...