Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Election thoughts

I dream of a world where: 
we're colorblind to race,
money and status are not the main points,
consumerism is downplayed,
we help and love all our neighbours, friend or foe.

We, the people of United States have an opportunity to remind the world why we're a great nation- a country of idealistic, progressive, adaptable people who make changes when necessary. Let us show our roots, our true colours in this election. We're a country of immigrants, a melting pot. Our ancestors came to this land for a better life, to live freely. It is time to stand up for those ideals. Embrace acceptance, liberty and world cooperation. Let us show the world that America is still capable of being a world leader, a setter of examples. 

I hope you share a vote with me for Barack with me on November 4th

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