Sunday, February 16, 2014

Oh lord. We had an accepted offer on a house.

It was nice. Very nice. We were completely enchanted when we walked in and saw the lovely front living room with the grand fireplace, and large dining area. It even had a front coat closet. The rest of the house was also very nice. Though we saw it at night. Still. We decided to make an offer. Of course it had to be above asking, because that is the way the market works when there's about 10 buyers for every house listed on the market.

Then there were a bunch of things that kept unveiling themselves. The final thing was that the basement leaks water. Well, that is enough for me to drop the offer. I am not going to deal with a garage rebuild, a bathroom remodel, basement remodel and water problems. I guess that was too much.

So we are back on the hunt again. What a bummer. But at the same time, it's better than finding out after we bought that it had water problems. I had seen the dehumidifier, and noticed that the basement had painted floors and rubber floorboards as well, which made me wonder if there was not a problem. They got rain in the basement this week (and said this happens routinely). We have had the driest winter that I've ever experienced, and the first rain that we get they have water. Well, I guess we will pass.

I am starting to think I would rather live in a camper parked in someone's backyard.

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