Wednesday, February 5, 2014

(Art + Science) An Ocularist in Portland

Last night was Kaiser's annual ocular pathology forum. Every year we have education offered to all optometrists and any other people who'd like to attend. It was the first time I was back amidst the entire group (new and old docs). I used to be the person who planned these events, now I was just happy to be sitting in the audience.

One of the speakers, Fred Harwin, was a man who had a fine arts background and grew up to be a medical illustrator and was eventually recruited to make prosthetic eyes for Dever's Eye in Portland. He played for us this short artistic biographic documentary created by Vance Malone (of Portland also), which was entered into the 2003 Sundance film festival and received an honorable mention. It's a very interesting look into things that most of us are not aware of. It's a gorgeous marriage of art and science.

[Advice: Watch the film full screen size.]

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