Friday, March 7, 2014

Weeks blurring

It's Friday night. We're at home, resting on the couch. Oatie in my coat. Justin working on a website design in the kitchen. Carrie and I requested some houses to see tomorrow morning. Finally there's more on the market after a several month drought. For fun, we sat and looked at the most expensive homes for sale in Portland. One was 4.5 million dollars. The taxes were like 38k per year. Who buys those houses? The semi-depressing thing was that they were all generic. White kitchens. Marble or something like it. Pendant lights. Big rooms. Bland opulence. I can't imagine wanting one of those. 

We've made more offers. I've lost track how many. One was for 33k over asking. Another for 27k over. None accepted. One we wanted to offer on sold for 509k cash. It was originally listed at 429k. An investor was buying it to tear down the garage and build a second house on the lot. Rather depressing. It had such a beautiful back yard. Anything for money. It is god here in the states. 

I wonder how we got so off track. I don't care that much about money. But then I am finally making a regular and boring salary so I don't have to think about it. I would still rather have less of it and more freedom, but then who knows. I have a pretty easy life right now. 

I'm doing ill call at work. That means our scheduling lady calls me at 6:15AM every day and tells me where I am going. It's been ok so far. One week down, who knows how many to go. It means I get to see all my old friends, since I'm visiting all the clinics. And, that I could take a day off without any notice really since I don't have a set schedule. So far, so good. I'm not a morning person, so the phone call isn't exactly welcome (and Justin doesn't like that either) but it's ok. And I like my job. So I can't complain. I'm just glad they re-hired me. I'm trying to do my best. It's really nice to be back. 

We've turned the corner finally with weather. It's been 60ish for the last week. Rain sporadically, which we need, intermixed with sun. Today it was so bright at lunch. Everyone here was talking loud and laughing, happily basking in the sunshine. The northwest is heaven six months of the year. That time is on our doorstep. 

So, here's to spring and hoping March brings a good house for us. 

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