Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Columbia River Gorge trip to Hood River and back. Photos.

(I'd advise clicking on the photos and going thru a slide show- but you'll miss the captions, but I uploaded high quality photos)

First Night: Herman Creek Horse Camp. 
 Yep, those are for the horses, if you came that way instead of car.
This is a peninsula out into the Columbia River approx exit 55. And someone snuck and camped out there. We met a nice couple from Portland here - the wife was a librarian for the Multnomah county libraries and invited us to visit her branch when she was working (Tues thru Sat).  
The peninsula 
 The peninsula
 Columbia from the peninsula
 On the back road to Hood River
I was told there's usually goats out here, but today the herd was hiding. 
Oatie's peeking outside at the campers. 
The Columbia River 
I forgot the name of this area 
 Fancy historic hotel in Hood River

 Inside the said hotel.
Hood River - the town- the river is actually the Columbia here.
Poor tuckered out guy 
 driving out to our campground in Hood River
 The little boy next door making friends with Oatie on the actual Hood River
 Orchards with views
I wanted to buy this house in the orchards 
 I stole two pears from the orchards
 Damn this is crazy beautiful- Mt Adams
 And in the other direction, Mt Hood!
 I guess this is why people love mountains. So majestic.
Coffee in the morning.
Driving home along the Washington side of the Columbia. 
Mt Hood again
 After we went swimming in the Columbia- there was a nice beach.
The beach of swimming! Very calm and warm enough. 
Driving home on Hwy 14. 

 Campsite in Home Valley, WA
 The swimming beach, also in Home Valley
 Hwy 14
 The Columbia
Tuckered out at home.

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