Saturday, August 10, 2013

Stand-up paddling: an all-American relaxing sport ANYONE can do

Stand-up paddle boarding originated in Hawaii in the 1960s so that people could take pictures of others surfing. It's kind of a cross between canoeing and surfing when you do it on a lake or a river. We've got Naish inflatable boards which are great for little cars and not worrying about theft or wind drafting which are more of factors with the traditional boards that you'd mount on the roof. Also, we have adjustable length paddles, which are great for different heights of paddlers. As well, if you want to sit on the board and paddle they can be made short enough to do this.

The first few times I did it, I noticed that my legs got a little tired from balancing on the board. And that I was a better paddler sitting down (maybe the old canoe muscles?). Now paddling is pretty easy. It's hard to say why. I get a lot more exercise now than I did when I first tried, and I have a feeling that all my biking around Portland helps a lot with the paddling. 

Justin started paddling years ago on the Outer Banks where people go on the ocean and the sound side and through little canal waterways which are also all around the island. I've paddled there as well and it's pretty nice anywhere you can find a flat body of water. 

We take Oatie with (wearing a life jacket) and he loves it. He'll jump from board to board and ride with whoever wants to take him. Bailey goes along too and rides on the front of Justin's board (I've not taken him with me ever). They both love riding with us, but have also both walked/fallen off the the front of the board when standing too close to the edge!

Stand up paddling is for kids of all ages- 5 to 95+. Get out there and try it! :)


Carrie demonstrating what to do if you inflated your board at the wrong launch point... no worries to stuff it in the rear and drive a couple miles. 
 Vancouver Lake (me)
 Vancouver Lake- they actually do kayak lessons and crew training on this lake.
 Smith and Bybee Wetlands (more like a weed-lands at this time of year-- will wait til Sept to visit again)
 Vancouver Lake
 Sweet Oatie
 Sweet Justin
 Water boy- happiest on the water for sure!