Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Small living, simple pleasures

I can't explain, but all my patients today were those who feed your soul. A woman born in 1949 & one in 1947. A sweet Thai guy in his thirties. A 59 year old lady who just lost her job yesterday. A 33 year old father of three woodsman with an MD wife. And a few others who were nice too. 

Sometimes I think I'm in the wrong field. Sometimes I wonder if I should work more. Sometimes I wonder if I should be in a more pretentious position or at least one with a lot of benefits. But I have noticed that I've been working at the Costco since January, and I haven't thought about quitting. I do not dread work. I actually like going. I feel that work is a bit of a getaway. The people are nice enough. The staff is nice enough. We are scheduled every thirty minutes which is adequate to do a full exam, dilate and get to know them a little. I don't feel rushed. 

I bike to work, rolling up to the front door. Premier parking. I'm starting to know the optical staff- and they are all nice people. Most of the people have worked there for years. 

I wonder what the benefit of trading a two day a week job for a five day a week job would be. How many days off and how many other benefits are worth working so many more days? The biggest missing pieces are health insurance and paid leave. I think I am fairly content with my professional integrity at my current place of work. 

I'm apt to think that working more is not the answer. That continuing to figure out how to live on less and enjoy my free time is a more worthy goal. 

I guess this is the same thing as everything else. Take it slow. Don't jump into anything. Feel your way. Watch for openings and see which way to go. 

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