Friday, May 31, 2013

Benadryl, the lifesaver at Sasquatch

Four days of music for the non-drug, non-alcohol induced slumber person can lead to temporary insanity. In my case, I ended up taking a nap during the last two songs of Mumford & Sons. I curled up in a ball on the grass in the fifty degree night sky and slipped into dreamland, waking up to clapping and cheering. Just in time to hear the two encores.

That evening we got home to the campground via shuttle (one of the perks of premium camping) and all was nearly silent. Ecstatic to crawl in our sleeping bags, we trudged up the dirt road to our site, where across the street a drunk boy turned on his boombox, blasting funboy beats at our campsite.

After three nights lacking sleep, I was having beyond vulgar thoughts and if I'd have had a baseball bat, I may have approached and tried to scare him off. However, earlier that day I'd discovered in my handy travel medical kit (that I take with on all long holidays) there were not only sleeping pills (which I've never taken) but also Benadryl. Benadryl, the godsend that allowed me to sleep through a second overnight stuffy vinyl-seated bus in Vietnam.

While suppressing my evil thoughts, I popped out the magenta pill and split it in half, one for me, one for Justin. We crawled under the covers and escaped the dance party in seconds, not waking up until past 11AM the following morning. Drugged sleep is not the same as real sleep but it's an apt substitute under certain conditions.

Sasquatch is held at the Gorge Amphitheatre near Quincy, WA, which is east of Seattle and north of Portland. 
Macklemore was definitely the best show and the the sweetest performer. He actually talked to the audience and spoke from the heart, and was so happy to be back in the Northwest. After all, he's from Seattle... a rapper from Seattle! 
 Sigor Ros- I've seen them before in a smaller enclosed venue, 
which I think is more their style but it was still pretty good.
Tallest Man on Earth - I think the only true singer-songwriter at the festival. 
 People kept taking pics of us.
Here's the crew of five: Justin, Matt, Carrie, Lindsay and me. 
Edward Sharpe, good but a little flat.
The Gorge is stated to be the most beautiful place in the world to see music.

Every day we had to put on all our clothes and take all them off... it was highs in the 70s and lows at 50 or below. 
 Mumford & Sons-- really tight and gorgeous. (Even though I did take a nap during two of their least lovely songs.)

Crazy kids dancing to Menomena on the last day of Sasquatch: 
 ALT-J!! The most beautiful, unique music of the show. 

 I thought the Postal Service was going to be a highlight, but it was one of the most blah shows of the weekend and we even left a half hour early.
 Arrival back at Matt's! Timer pics.
The morning after! 

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