Monday, December 10, 2012

Where is winter?

We're in Iowa. All that snow up north and none for us. What a damn shame. I go to bed hoping for white stuff to come overnight and wake up to grass in the backyard. Tragic. Sixteen inches in Minneapolis- only four hours north!

This morning at the community center (where we go to exercise), I was lamenting the lack of snow with a fellow gym-goer. He'd asked where I was from and thought my affinity for the white stuff was due to my North Dakota roots. I told him Iowa was like Florida in comparison. I am kind of not kidding. For sure my snow-love is related to my childhood in the Midwest. Having four seasons is just natural. But Justin is relieved. However, he's never been sledding or skiing so maybe he's missing out.

Bailey has adapted to Iowa, and loves being spoiled by Grandma Kathy. She has taken a love to the pup. He comes in from outside frisky with energy from the cool, crisp weather. Today he even tried to sit on my lap. I've never seen him so happy.

We've been trying to decide when to return to the east coast, and the date is not set. The road is still not rebuilt to arrive on the island. They're hoping to reconstruct it by Christmas. Every few days I check the update on the NCDOT website to see how highway 12 is coming along. Weather problems have affected the rebuilding effort.

What 2013 holds is yet to be known. 

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