Thursday, August 16, 2012

I resigned

I'm in the process of considering what to focus on next.

On Sunday, I'm truly moving to North Carolina after a miserable few months in Virginia Beach spent in a windowless dark room making money for someone who didn't care about anything else but the greenback and going home to an empty apartment at night. Sort of like solitary confinement but not quite. Still, it was depressing to never see the weather or my boyfriend.

So I resigned my job.

It felt great.

I'll do some fill in work and retain my freedom to see family and my boyfriend. (This is what I was originally going to do before I got scared and took a job.)

It took more soul-searching that most people would require, but I finally woke up one day and thought, who would chose to live in a different state from their beekeeper-gypsy life partner? Would my mom work in Minneapolis and while her beau is in Iowa City? I don't think so. Not if you have the choice. Unless you really need the money.

I don't really need the money. I don't spend the money. I paid off my student loans. I don't have any debt. So I was dragging my ass to work every day to make money because I thought I should.

Should is not a good reason.

What about what makes you happy? What about living simply? What about curling up at night with your special man friend?

Isn't that more important?

I'm not tossing my career (yet).

But I am going to focus on what's important.

I'll always be able to sustain myself. Independence is ingrained in my family. No one is lazy. Not really anyway.

My mom taught us to take care of ourselves and we do. And she is a shining example. But she also taught us to enjoy life. To laugh. To love. To not take a day for granted. You never know when your feet will last touch this earth's soil.

So I am choosing love. I am choosing to live by my values, not society's expectations. I am choosing to take that other path. It's a little scary, but I know I'm doing the right thing.

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