Saturday, April 21, 2012

Crossroads & Open Roads

Between jobs again, I chose to have this blank space again to let a few things fall into place, to see where I'm supposed to land, and perhaps who to land with. Life has never dropped an official letter on my doorstep telling me what to do. Sometimes I wish for that. But what fun is knowing the future? You just have to live it.

Sometimes I wonder if it's insane to do the things I do. Like now, following the camper RV dream south with a guy who I met just over three months ago. But he had the idea, I had the idea, and then we met. Dreams coincided. And of course the opening of unemployment. I prefer action to inaction. I don't want to regret neglecting an opportunity presented to me. So I go. I take the road.

So I'm just trying to enjoy the south, and let things land where they may, and keep my openings open. Soon enough a job will line up again, in a place where I hope to stay a while, plant a garden, and make a little life.

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